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Online Marketing for Veterinarians

Animal Hospital Marketing, Marketing for Veterinarians

Even in a doggy dog world, business can be slow. And while a visit from Mrs. Lorenzo’s diva Persian cat is always welcome, you’d really like to add more four-legged patients to your appointment book.

Here’s how Animal Hospital Marketing can help.

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Pet owners search for everything online—even the folks who treat their pets. We’ll help you turn Google into a pawsitively awesome lead generator with ads you only pay for when people click.

Search Engine

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You’d think “vet in [your city]” is the best keyword to target pet owners in your area. But “why dogs eat grass” will get you more patients. We rank your office for terms that get new patients.

Custom Veterinary

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When was the last time you checked your website’s bounce rate? An outdated design or non-responsive site will make you seem less trustworthy. We create sites that quickly convert visitors into patients.

Patient Recall

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Bring back your inactive pet owners and keep current patients active with our recall tools that send messages to your patients before and when they are due, or – if needed – after they are overdue.



Smartphones are the new computer. We’ll help you reach anyone who searches for a vet or animal clinic on their mobile device. We’ll also make it easier for them to contact your office and schedule an appointment.

Retarget Lost
Website Visitors


Sometimes people will leave your site without taking action. If they weren’t ready to schedule, we’ll keep you top of mind until they are with custom banners that appear on sites like Facebook and CNN.