Geo-Targeted Animal Hospital Pay-Per-Click

Targets Patients within Six Miles of Your Practice

Conversion Whale maximizes your advertising dollars by only targeting patients within a certain distance from your practice. Foot traffic is key to every animal hospital.

Each practice gets approximately 1,200 targeted visitors each month with paid traffic alone.

In fact, Conversion Whale uses data from hundreds of animal hospital to know exactly the cost-effective radius based off the services that your practice offers. For example, how much farther will patients drive for a specialty service opposed to a general animal hospital?

Patients find your office when your practice is a top search result in Google.

Now, 77% of conversions now come from the top three search results on Google. Therefore, having your practice listed there is critical. However, getting your practice placed in the top three on Google costs money. So, running ads that result in the most new patients to maximize your return is essential. Conversion Whale is so confident in our process that we offer a guarantee.

Google Pay Per Click Is Included in Our Package

Your Conversion Whale package includes the cost of your Google pay per click (PPC) campaign. Our team optimizes your ads so that you get the best return on your investment. This includes managing your bids, removing search terms that don’t convert, optimizing your text ads, and more.

PPC starts producing immediate results within 24 to 48 hours by targeting new patients with animal hospital marketing campaigns. In fact, Conversion Whale has had accounts that started noticing a rush of visitors within minutes of going live, because the moment your PPC campaign is approved, your ads will be displayed to thousands of people searching for animal hospital services in your area.

The traffic is almost instantaneous.