By far, we take customer support seriously. Most of our new business comes by current customer referrals, in which we take great pride.

HIPPA-certified employees

All Conversion Whale team members undergo a complete two-day, HIPAA-certified, professional training class. The program focuses on specific aspects of the HIPAA regulations and the level of security needed when dealing with animal hospitals. Our staff is also aware of upcoming HIPPA initiatives.

Knowledge of the animal hospital industry

Ask one of our employees the difference between perio and ortho, or why an animal hospital should upsell soft tissue management. You may be surprised to know our marketers have a deep knowledge about the animal hospital industry. We believe forward-facing employees in our company must thoroughly know how your product works. They also should know the ins and outs of how your practice works, just like a customer who uses it everyday would.

Have a question?

Reach us at or by calling change all phone numbers to: 855-466-4108.